baby pencil sketch by harsh


Improvement of your drawing skills is not just about having the best tools or materials for drawing. Let me show you how artists find out during the years of their practice for improving their drawing skills.

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Be confident.

You don’t need to lose confidence at any moment When you start learning drawing you might make a lot of mistakes in the beginning. Even I use an eraser more than the average kid uses it, take time as much until you satisfy. let the mistake improve your drawing progress and let them be your guide in it.

Start with basic shapes or objects

Start drawing with basic shapes or outlines of anything you feel comfortable like an apple, a table, a human figure at a random place.

Use guidelines with light shade so you can quickly erase after getting the drawing proportion in the right place. you can use F or HB pencil or thin mechanical pencil without applying pressure in order to draw the light basic outlines.

Keep looking at the reference.

Apparently, try to look closely at the reference or object you are going to draw. let your hand naturally make as similar shapes as possible to get the right proportions of the object of your drawing. Just do not hesitate to trust yourself and give your hand, some space.

avoid smudging with fingers

You might have tried shading with fingers. the oil of our skin ruins the paper and the artwork, Always use tools like a cotton swab, paper stumps, paper tissues. using these appropriate materials will give you a satisfying result in your artwork.

Add details gently

It is always better to add more soft layers of shading one by one than to put pressure on the pencil with different grades to make an immediate darker look.

Get a realistic look.

You can use a blender stump cotton swab tissue to blend your pencil lines and shading. blending will merge the lines and blend the outlines to light to get a smooth tone and realistic artwork.

Take your time.

Do not need to be upset if your drawing doesn’t meet your expectations as I earlier said, mistakes teach you how to get the best proportions, shading, Be patient and give it time to get improved. Everything you need to understand the practice, time,

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