Basic Drawing Tips, Art Tutorials by Harsh Kumar

pencil sketch of paul david martin

Basic Drawing Tips, Art Tutorials by Harsh Kumar

Art ! what is it actually? creative thoughts, Emotion, and yes drawing through the reference. It is actually a form that gives you gradually brain satisfaction and relaxation. Art has no boundaries. whether it is any field like drawing, singing, dancing and more. but at some point, you need to prepare yourself to do perfectly. Now lets come to the topic PENCIL DRAWING.

In this blog, I will tell you the simple hand stretching techniques/exercise just before starting the drawing process.

Tools: Sharped HB or 4B pencil.

Straight line

Draw the line left to right with very light pressure on the paper surface, Repeat this process at least 10 times on paper. try to draw straight in each stroke.

Draw the dark Line straightly left to right with a little pressure,

Now there is a twist in this process. you have to merge the 1st and 2nd process with each other slowly. start drawing the line with light pressure and end with dark. see the image below. repeat this 10 times.

Draw the maximum number of circles on the paper. start with a small circle to as large as you can.

Lemniscate Shape ( a figure-eight shaped curve) 8


This is one of my favorites hand practice, this will give you complete satisfaction while drawing this shape. just take the pencil and draw the shape 8 in large form as showing in above video. Doing continuously will help you to achieve the better curvey lines, depths in the drawing.

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