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Harsh Kumar is a well versed Pencil Sketch Artist in New Delhi India, who initially had all the love towards art from the cave of his heart while he was in his ninth-grade he had tried to sketch one of his teacher’s portrait from a school magazine and was scared to show his work but then caught up and then was appreciated from his teacher. and as a self-taught artist, he worked day and night 12-13 hours even the whole day to achieve what he wanted to pursue in his future days. Art was his passion and been like a companion that makes him feel more motivated and also it would be his mortal comeback to life whatever might the situation be.

Harsh Kumar, as a passionate artist would watch art tutorials on youtube sometimes to sketch pencil portraits to practice and perceive with all the dedication, determination and with patience and now he is indeed spreading happiness and smile through his artworks and also he is listed in the top 10 best pencil sketch portrait artists, and he also been freelancing since 2015 and have more muscles smile to make their soul and himself happy, and with all those happy to be cherished is the best moment for any artist who scans his memories through his cherishable memories stored in his own riots inside and out this is what harsh Kumar just loves about art being an artist and being a private firm and an artist he has indeed managed both to make his soul happy.

A mantra that keeps you going?: whenever I feel like that I have lost myself I go back to my memory feed when my school teacher had appreciated me saying that harsh don’t ever lose your confidence or get scared to showcase your talent anywhere. Describe yourself in one line: Waqt ko Thaam Dena, Tasveer ko Kaagaj par Utaar Dena which means(Stop the time, and drop the love and soul of your work on a sheet of paper).

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About his works

Harsh Kumar captures the emotions, renders his heart and soul to lose himself to a very far destiny that his soul takes him to when in the sketching journey that emits all the feel that one photograph has that makes his soul feel that the person in the picture is so alive to reciprocate all the sorrows and make people their happy smiles shining bright in the sunlight when the rays touch his heart and soul to unite more human heart to be shaped and carved in a beautiful way to make more souls happy. In the picture is Deepika Padukone and it’s from the movie Padmavat wherein, her emotions are captured through harsh Kumar’s sketch more specifically and it’s redefined to cling and wrap your soul to a world of love and art. About his works, Harsh Kumar as mentioned earlier started his freelancing work in the year 2015 and his portrait sketch artworks started getting pretty good responses since then the confidence within his heart can sustain. And this work on the left is a portrait sketch of a baby and this was his order work which melted their heart with happiness when received. For more such gratitudes an artist sells his own soul to a destination.

Finding the Best Pencil Sketch Artist is easy by searching Sketch Artist Near Me. Harsh Kumar Is a Pencil Portrait maker in Delhi, providing handmade pencil Sketch including confidential order. A handmade Portrait sketch is much better than the limited thing
Make your Day Memorable.

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