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Harsh is an India-based pencil artist. He was born in 1992 in New Delhi. During his graduate studies in the BA Programme, he fell in love again with drawing as the greatest passion from his childhood. he decided to follow his heart and rebuilt this old dream to become as an artist, he quickly became popular on Instagram. he has gained a good clientage circle in just a few years. Nowadays he is devoted to transforming the people’s captures onto his paper for lifetime memories He likes to turn to any object to his creativity.

Painting and doing artwork is always his passion, and when he grew up, he turned this to his profession. His favorite part is the graphite and charcoal sketch,  As a growing sketch artist in Delhi, he has gathered several clients in his client list due to his hard work, passion for drawing, and love to sketch. He is a self-taught Best Sketch Artist in Delhi, having an experience of 5+ years in this field. For him, doing sketch and painting is a soul-relaxing task, and one can only convey the feelings through painting. No matter in which situation you are now, artwork can be the best way for reflecting your thoughts.

sketch artist in delhi harsh kumar

An Artist Proficient in Charcoal Portrait Making in Delhi

He is an experienced portrait artist in Delhi. He mainly specialized in pencil sketch portraits for human figures and landscapes. For him, every art is equal, and each one of them has a story to tell. He can convert your old picture to an amazing piece of pencil sketch portrait that you will be a lifetime gift to enjoy. He is specialized in graphite and charcoal pencil sketch. In fine art, the portrait can be of any shape; it can be a painting, a form of photography, a sculpture, or a person’s picture. In each of these designs, the face is the main attraction. There are even several types of portraits- the traditional portraits, the group portrait, the individual portrait, and the self-portrait. In most of the cases, the portrait sketch is made to convey the unique qualities of the subject in the image. If you are looking for the best pencil sketch artist, come to this artist. He can fulfill your dreams to turn your dull images into an attractive charcoal sketch.

Charcoal Pencil Sketch

The artist charcoal in the form of a dry medium that is finely made with the organic materials that are bonded together with the help of gum or wax binder. The charcoal medium is used by artists for various purposes. The charcoal painting can be done on the leaves or other media as it leaves a permanent mark. The charcoal lines can be light yet too dark in nature. The artists also use several fixatives while doing the charcoal painting to solidify the art position and to prevent erasing or rubbing off the sketch. He is a Portrait Maker in Delhi who exceptionally does the charcoal painting for clients. Some of the common mediums of charcoal usage are compressed, vine, and a pencil. He is your best pencil sketch artist who can produce any type of charcoal pencil sketch at an affordable rate.

If you are looking for the best sketch artist, come to this artist. He has experience of 5 years and has 520+ happy and satisfied clients who have worked with him. Till date, he has completed about 500 projects on charcoal pencil sketch and portraits. Buy sketch for gift and make your close ones happy. His portrait artwork projects are great for gifts on every occasion. Now, finding a sketch artist near me has become easier with him.

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